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Graduated European Collar

This gorgeous design is reminiscent of knights’ gorgets or the jabots worn by judges. The design, developed by Brigitte Giebels, uses the classic European 4 in 1 weave that was traditionally used to make suits of chainmail armour.

Made using stainless steel, this collar won’t tarnish and will stand the test of time. It rests at the base of the neck; above the collar bone. Should you require a simple chain extension be added to the clasp or that it be shortened, please contact me with your request.

Metal: Stainless steel

Width: 1.85” / 4.7 cm at widest point

Closed length: 15” / 38.1 cm

Weight: 0.36lbs / 165g  

Options: Toggle clasp (pictured) or lobster clasp